Jaguar Service FAQs

Get the answers to your most frequently asked Jaguar repair and service questions by taking the time to read the information below. If you are unable to find the answer you were looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (866) 375-1976. Our Jaguar service center staff is here to help! At Jaguar Palm Beach in West Palm Beach we proudly serve the Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and the Miami region, and look forward to helping you maintain your new Jaguar or pre-owned luxury vehicle for thousands of mile to come!

Frequently Asked Service Questions

What is the process of scheduling a Jaguar service appointment?

To schedule your next service appointment, please call us at (866) 375-1976 or fill out our convenient online form. Our Jaguar factory trained service staff will make every effort to schedule you as soon as possible. Upon your service request, we will respond via your preferred method of contact, ask any remaining questions and confirm your appointment.

How often do I need to change the oil in my Jaguar vehicle?

There are many variables that determine the need for oil change frequency like climate, drive time, highway or city street driving. Jaguar Palm Beach recommends servicing your Jaguar every 7500 hundred miles or every six month whichever occurs.

What Weight of Oil Should I use in my Jaguar?

Jaguar models with a 2.0 Liter engine Jaguar Palm Beach recommends 5W 30.

Jaguar models with the 3.0 Liter Jaguar Palm Beach recommends 0W 20.

All Jaguar 5.0 models use 5W 20.

Should I consider using synthetic motor oil in my Jaguar?

Synthetic motor oils can be a good choice for high output, turbocharged or supercharged engines. Jaguar models starting in 2010-present require synthetic oil. Refer to your owner’s manual for more information on older Jaguar models or feel free to contact the Jaguar Palm Beach service department for help.

How often should I rotate my tires on my Jaguar?

Neglecting to rotate tires is a major cause of premature tire wear.Your tires should be rotated every other oil change, or every six months regardless of mileage. Some Jaguar models you may not be able to rotate tires due to staggered tire sizes. Contact your Jaguar Palm Beach service adviser for more information.

How Often Should I change My Brake Fluid in my Jaguar?

Jaguar Palm Beach recommends brake fluid changes for the Jaguar XK model every two years. For all other Jaguar models, Jaguar Palm Beach recommends changing the brake fluid every three years regardless of mileage.

I have a belt making a very loud squeal on my car. Should I have it changed?

Not every squeal requires an engine belt change; Jaguar Palm Beach recommends contacting our service department for more information.

What does it mean if my “check engine” or “service engine soon” light comes on?

There are many sensors and computerized components that manage your vehicle’s engine performance and emissions. When one of these fails, the “check engine” light illuminates. If you see your “check engine” light illuminated, it is best to bring your vehicle in for a check-up.

The “Service Engine” light refers to a required maintenance. Jaguar Palm Beach recommends contacting our service department for a diagnostic test.

What should I do if my Jaguar starts to overheat?

An overheated engine is a serious problem according to our head Jaguar technician Stuart Garbett – if your car overheats for too long, you can damage your engine. As soon as possible, find a safe place to pull off the road and shut the engine off! Do not attempt to check the fluid level in the radiator; the hot fluid can cause severe burns. The best thing to do is have your car towed to a Jaguar Dealership.

Can I turn off ECO Feature on my Jaguar?

You can turn off the Eco ( Stop/Start) each time you start your Jaguar by pressing the Eco button. You cannot permanently disable the Eco feature.

When should I replace my Jaguar fuel filter?

Your Jaguar fuel filter replacement schedule varies by model. Varies by model, Please refer to your owners manual or call your Jaguar Palm Beach Service Advisor.
When should I change my Jaguar spark plugs?

Jaguar vehicles use Platinum Spark Plus and require changing every ten years or 100,000 miles.

Why Won’t My Smartphone Pair with my Jaguar Vehicle?

Verify that your smartphone is compatible with the Jaguar’s recommended list of smartphones: Jaguar Bluetooth Center.

For additional Information, please contact your Jaguar Palm Beach Service Advisor at (866) 375-1976 or Contact Us.

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