Difference Between Spare Tires: Choosing Full-Size or Compact

April 26th, 2018 by

Different Between Spare Tires
Have you ever noticed a car riding on a donut tire? The car tends to tilt as it can’t support the full load. Compact tires are emergency spare tires that are meant to get you back on the road and to the shop to fix the original flat. In some cases, you can drive a spare over 50 miles but typically these tires grow bald faster. Compact tires are cheaper and smaller, but they cannot compare to the quality of a full-size tire.

Full-size tires can be purchased at the time of purchasing a set. This is so that the tire can support the load with the other tires and cause zero damage to the vehicle. With a full-size tire, you may not be able to store in the trunk due to its size, but you can still replace the tire that has a flat and get back on the road without having to go to the shop right away.

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