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Jaguar I-PACE Charging Guide

2020 Jaguar USA I-Pace

When you’re shopping for an electric vehicle, like most drivers new to hybrid models, you might have questions about the availability of Jaguar I-PACE charging stations or wondering, “How long does it take to charge a Jaguar I-PACE?” Learn how to charge your Jaguar I-PACE in Boca Raton with this guide from Jaguar Palm Beach! We’ll cover any questions you might have about Jaguar I-PACE charger type, charging stations, and Jaguar I-PACE home charger. Then, be sure to check out our Jaguar incentives!

How to Find Jaguar I-PACE Charging Stations

Thanks to tens of thousands of public charging stations in North America alone, drivers trying to find Jaguar I-PACE charging stations in West Palm Beach is pretty simple. By using the I-PACE navigation system, you’ll be directed to a charging station either closest to you, your destination, or along your route. Charging your Jaguar I-PACE is as easy as pumping gas:

  • Turn off the vehicle and open the charging port
  • Plug the charging cable into the I-PACE port
  • Begin charging with either your ChargePoint car or any other form of payment
  • With the Jaguar InControl® Remote™ app on your smartphone, follow the charging process.

Jaguar I-PACE Charger Types

So, what are the Jaguar I-PACE charger types? Choose between two: AC Level 2, the most common, or DC Level 3. DC Level 3 chargers are faster, charging an I-PACE up to 80% charge in under 45 minutes. While some public charging stations are free, many take multiple forms of payment such as:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal®
  • GooglePay™
  • ApplePay®

Want your Jaguar I-PACE charging options even easier? Sign up for a free ChargePoint account today and gain access to multiple major charging networks.

Jaguar I-PACE Home Charger

With the Jaguar I-PACE home charger, you can charge your car by plugging into a normal three-prong electrical socket with the Level 1 cable provided with the I-PACE. How long does it take to charge a Jaguar I-PACE in Wellington? Typically, on a 240-volt Level 2 home charger, the I-PACE can be fully charged in 12.6 hours, giving you 234 miles of range.

Another advantage of the Jaguar I-PACE home charger is the ability to heat or cool your car’s cabin or to set a timed charge to take advantage of lower nighttime electricity rates with the Jaguar InControl® Remote™ app.

If you already have a home charging station, make sure it’s compatible with the I-PACE before you charge. The I‑PACE uses SAE J1772 Level 2 cables, is compatible with most Level 2, 240-volt home EV chargers with J1772 plugs, and can charge up to 7 kW. Find a qualified installer through Qmerit.

Jaguar I-PACE Fast Charging

Make long trips shorter by charging your I-PACE faster with the SAE Combo/CCS connector. With the DC fast charging standard, charge your I-PACE by almost 80% in 40 minutes. You can find fast charging spots on the ChargePoint app, and if you choose the I-PACE as your EV model in your account, the app will only show you fast-charging stations for the I-PACE. Begin a fast charge like a normal charge by tapping your phone on a ChargePoint Express station and plug the connector into your vehicle.

Jaguar I-PACE Charging-Related FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently-asked I-PACE charging questions, directly from jaguarusa.com:

Q: How long does it take to fully recharge the Jaguar I-PACE?

A: With an approved Jaguar wall box installed, a full charge can be achieved in approximately 13 hours.

Q: Who can install a wall box for me?

A: Jaguar has authorized wall box suppliers and installers for all markets in which I-PACE is available. Our partners are available to advise upon the best solutions for you. Please consult your local Jaguar Retailer for further information.

Q: Is a wall box included with the price of the vehicle?

A: No. If you would like to install a wall box in your home, your local Jaguar Retailer will be able to guide you through the process with our approved wall box suppliers and installers.

Q: If I install a wall box, what happens if I decide to move home?

A: Your wall box supplier will be able to provide a quote to remove your wall box and reinstall it at your new home.

Q: Will I also be able to charge other electric vehicles using the approved Jaguar wall box?

A: Yes. Our approved wall boxes are equipped for use with the Combined Charging System (CCS) connector for AC charging and a DC charging inlet. Any electric vehicle with these connections will be able to charge using our approved wall box.

Q: Can I use someone else’s wall box, or do I need to make sure it’s compatible?

A: Any Mode 3 wall box with the same charging connections as I-PACE can be used to charge the vehicle.

Q: What if I have a parking spot in an apartment building, can I install a wall box?

A: Our approved wall box suppliers are capable of installing charging solutions for a variety of homes. They will support you with permissions, permits, and suitability.

Q: How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle?

A: The price of electricity fluctuates according to market influences. To calculate the cost for a full charge, simply multiply the rate you are charged per kWh by 90, as I-PACE has a 90kWh battery.

Q: Can I charge my vehicle using a photovoltaic system (solar) at home?

A: Yes. Your vehicle can be charged with a current that is greater than 2 Amps or 750W.

Q: Can I charge at any public charging station?

A: As long as the charge point offers the same standard and connector as your vehicle, and you have an account with the charge point provider, you can use that public charging station. However, public charging stations owned by specific manufacturers can only be used by vehicles from that manufacturer.

Q: Why has Jaguar not created its own dedicated public charging network?

A: An independent network of rapid vehicle chargers is developing quickly across many countries. We will ensure that all Jaguar electric vehicles are compatible with this network.

Q: How do I find charging stations?

A: You can use I-PACE’s in-car navigation or the Remote app to find charging stations before you travel.

Q: How is the charging cable protected against theft when using public charging?

A: The Public Charging (Mode 3) Cable locks into the vehicle inlet and remains locked until you unlock I-PACE.

Q: Can I-PACE be driven with a charging cable still plugged in?

A: No. I-PACE cannot be driven while a charging cable is plugged in.

Q: Can electric vehicles be charged in the rain?

A: Yes. Customers and bystanders are not exposed to any risk of electric shock.

Q: Why is the first 80 percent charge so much faster than the final 20 percent?

A: You’ll find the rate of battery charge is influenced by the chemistry and physics of the battery itself. That’s why DC charging can take as long to charge the remaining 20% as it does to charge the initial 80%. With this in mind, we’ve designed a Charging Management System to boost the life and performance of your vehicle’s battery.

Q: How many days can an electric vehicle be left without charging? For instance, can I leave it parked at the airport?

A: Our electric vehicles can be left unattended for at least six months, however plugging in once a month is optimal. The battery management system is electronically controlled and uses very little energy.

Q: What are “destination charging” and “journey charging”?

A: Destination charging refers to charging stations that can be found at local shopping centers, hotels, gyms, and other destinations you may visit for extended periods. Journey charging refers to charging stations at service stations or dedicated electric vehicle charging stations, which provide the maximum charge in the shortest time.

Q: Is there an iOS or Android app that can assist with managing how I charge I-PACE?

A: Yes. The Remote app, available for both iOS and Android, enables you to stop or start charging, manage departure times, pre-condition your vehicle, manage tariffs, and set a maximum state of charge. The app also sends you notifications if the charge plug is unexpectedly removed or if charging has stopped due to a lack of power.

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