Jaguar Symbol Meaning & Logo History

Jaguar logo on back of XJ

It’s an emblem that turns heads – that powerful, jumping cat that’s about to attack. The Jaguar symbol signifies elegance, style, luxury, and power. Plus, it’s really cool! Who wouldn’t want to be seen riding around West Palm Beach in a new car with that iconic design displayed on the front? The Jaguar symbol has a rich, storied past, so today let’s talk about the history of the Jaguar logo.

History of the Jaguar Logo

Did you know the automaker behind the Jaguar symbol wasn’t always known as “Jaguar”? Here are some more facts about the Jaguar logo:

  • The company now known as “Jaguar” didn’t even start out as an automotive maker. It began as a manufacturer of sidecars for motorcycles. Bill Lyons and William Walmsley started the Swallow Sidecar Company in Blackpool, England in 1922.
  • Eventually, the company started making bodies for other manufacturer’s automobiles. Swallow entered a partnership with Standard Motor Company in 1931 and called their new joint venture “SS.”
  • The first vehicle to bear the name “Jaguar” was produced in 1935, and it was known as the “SS Jaguar.” Soon, World War II broke out. As you can imagine, the term “SS” was no longer ideal, so the company changed its name to “Jaguar.”
  • Later, in 1945, the company began using the leaping Jaguar emblem that we know today.

Meaning Behind the Jaguar Symbol & Hood Ornament

Here are some other things you may not have known about the Jaguar emblem:

  • The core values of the Jaguar brand are grace, elegance, performance, power, and ambition to move forward. It just so happens that’s what the Jaguar symbol is meant to represent.
  • The chrome-plated Jaguar hood ornament was discontinued in recent years to comply with safety laws and replaced with the growling face of a jaguar placed on the front grill.
  • Don’t worry! You can still find the “Leaper” figurine on some certified pre-owned vehicles. Check out our inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar cars in West Palm Beach.

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