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Why Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

Leaping Jaguar hood ornament on Jaguar XF

One of the most striking signs of a throwback Jaguar coming down the road is the iconic Jaguar hood ornament, which is as recognizable as the Jaguar logo itself. When did Jaguar stop using hood ornaments, and why did Jaguar stop using hood ornaments? It really comes down to a new era of auto manufacturing that emphasizes aerodynamics, not to mention a change in how cars are engineered. Jaguar Palm Beach is here to tell you all about Jaguar hood ornament history, as well as when and why Jaguar hood ornaments were ultimately phased out. 

Jaguar Hood Ornament History

At the infancy of automotive engineering, most cars had hood ornaments. This is where the iconic Jaguar hood ornament comes from. Why did cars have hood ornaments? Older cars had the radiator cap at the front of the hood and the hood ornament was placed on top of the radiator cap to make for a more appealing style. This is an important part of the Jaguar hood ornament history.

When Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

Jaguar phased out hood ornaments in the last two decades for a variety of reasons. For one, the radiator cap was re-engineered to go under the hood, removing the need to beautify the area around the radiator cap. Moreover, people’s tastes in cars changed and hood ornaments just came out of style in the 21st century. 

In addition, hood ornaments have become a theft risk because of people who want those hood ornaments for themselves, and we’re sure you don’t want to pay extra for a Jaguar hood ornament installation over and over again. 

Finally, changes in European car regulations have forcibly phased out hood ornaments because of the risk they pose to pedestrians who get hit by cars.

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