How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

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For those unsure when to rotate your tires or after how many miles to rotate your tires, you should have your Jaguar tire rotation performed every 6 months or every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. That said, different types of drivetrains require different tire rotation patterns. For instance, your Jaguar F-PACE with AWD tire rotation pattern differs from the rotation pattern for an F-TYPE Coupe with RWD. Take a moment to learn about the different tire rotation patterns for AWD and RWD vehicles, as well as the benefits of rotating your tires. Then, explore our service specials and reach out to our Jaguar Palm Beach service team to book your appointment.

Jaguar Tire Rotation Patterns on AWD and RWD Vehicles

Now that you know how often you should rotate your tires and after how many miles to rotate tires, let’s take a look at tire rotation patterns. Jaguar models only come in AWD or RWD. In an AWD drivetrain, your engine sends torque to all of your wheels, meaning that they’re all working to propel your vehicle forward on Boca Raton streets. In an RWD drivetrain, your rear wheels are doing the heavy lifting. It goes without saying that drivetrains have a big impact on how your tires wear. Let’s take a look at the different rotation patterns for these two drivetrains. 

  • RWD (Rear-Wheel Drive): Your rear tires will wear out faster on your Jaguar F-TYPE Convertible with RWD. To ensure even wear, move your left-rear tire to the front-right position. Then, move your right-rear tire to the front-left position. When moving the front tires to the rear, don’t switch sides like you did when you moved the rear tires to the front. While Jaguar models don’t feature FWD, if you’re curious, the tire rotation pattern for FWD is just an inversion of the RWD pattern.
  • AWD (All-Wheel Drive): You should perform a Jaguar tire rotation on your Jaguar E-PACE with AWD more frequently. AWD requires that all of your tires steer and propel your vehicle down Wellington streets, which affects how often you should rotate your tires. The rotation pattern is as follows: the left-rear tire goes to the right-front spot, the right-rear tire goes to the left-front spot, the right-front tire goes to the left-rear spot, and the left-front tire goes to the right-rear spot. 

The Benefits of Tire Rotation 

Now that we’ve covered when to rotate your tires and the different tire rotation patterns, let’s take a look at why Jaguar tire rotations are so important: 

  • They significantly extend the life of your tires. 
  • They increase your traction. 
  • They decrease your chance of a blowout. 
  • They improve fuel economy. 

Schedule Your Jaguar Tire Rotation in West Palm Beach

Now that you know how many miles to rotate your tires, if you’re still unsure of when to rotate your tires or you think you’re due to book a Jaguar tire rotation, give Jaguar Palm Beach a call. Our phone number is (561) 556-5378. If you find you need a tire change, be sure to use our tire finder to get perfectly-fitted, high-quality tires that make the most out of your Jaguar model’s sharp handling. Be sure to read our guides on how long tires last and recommended Jaguar tire pressure levels while you’re here! 

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