Stress Less: Don’t Make a Mess This Holiday Season

December 8th, 2017 by

The holidays are a wonderful time to enjoy food with friends and family. When you want to bring your signature dish to a party but want to keep your car clean, a little planning will go a long way.

At Jaguar Palm Beach, we know that you enjoy a clean car that doesn’t smell like old food.

Prevent spills by using a container that is leak proof. If you don’t have a container with a properly fitting lid, do your best by securing a lid using tape and wrap the container carefully in towels. If the food spills, the towels will take care of the mess.

Place plastic down on your car floor and place the food on it. The plastic can be as simple as a trash bag to keep the floor of your car neat.

Enjoy yourself this holiday season and don’t be afraid to transport your favorite dish to a loved one’s home.

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