Jaguar Build and Price

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How to Use Our Jaguar Vehicle Configurator

During the automotive production shortage, many Boca Raton car shoppers find themselves having to settle for whatever inventory is available at the dealership. At Jaguar Palm Beach, however, you can use our Jaguar build and price tool to order a custom Jaguar that reflects all of your preferences straight from the factory. Take a moment to learn about how to order and customize your Jaguar. Then, fill out a pre-approval and contact Jaguar Palm Beach once you’ve used our Jaguar vehicle configurator to build your order!

Follow These Steps to Customize Your Jaguar

To use our Jaguar build and price tool, Delray Beach drivers just need to follow a few simple steps, covered in detail below:

  • – Navigate through the different vehicle segments (sedan, coupe, SUV, etc.). You’ll find the buttons above the icons of the different available models for each segment.
  • – Then, once you’ve selected the segment you’d like to explore, click on the model icon that appears for the vehicle you’re interested in.
  • – From there, Wellington drivers will be taken to a screen where they can review the different prices and key features for the model they’re interested in. Select the trim that most appeals to you.
  • – Next up, choose your engine option and drivetrain (awd, fwd, etc.).
  • – Once you’ve selected your powertrain and drivetrain, you’ll be taken to a section where you can select your exterior paint color, as well as interior color and upholstery.
  • – You’re almost done! All you need to do now is browse through the different add-on packages available for your model. These packages bundle optional features under one united theme, from performance to cold weather winterization.
  • – Once you’ve made all of your specifications for your custom Jaguar, just fill out the fields on the final page with your contact information, and hit submit. We’ll get back to you shortly with the next steps!

Have Questions About Using Our Jaguar Build and Price Tool?

If you’ve run into any issues while using our Jaguar vehicle configurator, just call Jaguar Palm Beach at 561-462-1174. Our associates can walk you through all of the steps of how to customize your Jaguar, and ensure that your custom Jaguar order gets properly submitted. While you’re here, take a moment to explore our finance and insurance tips for helpful reads, like our more in-depth overview of how to buy a car online!