When You Should Consider GAP Insurance

January 20th, 2018 by

You have probably never heard of it, but it does exist. It is advisable for car owners to get GAP insurance. It is usually offered as an addition to your normal auto insurance. However, there are certain situations which definitely call for GAP insurance as listed below.

  • If the car you purchased loses value at a faster rate than normal.
  • If you bought a car on loan and the loan term is 48 months or more.
  • If you bought a car and did not make any down payment for it.
  • If you bought a car and made a small down payment for it.
  • If the car you are driving is a lease.
  • If you drive your car a lot, then its value could depreciate faster than normal.

Here at Jaguar Palm Beach, we are more than happy to offer you advice on GAP insurance. Come find us in West Palm Beach to get your GAP insurance needs taken care of.

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