The FUTURE TYPE Is Close Than It Seems

September 12th, 2017 by

If there’s any truth to the disclaimer: “objects in the rearview mirror may be closer than they appear”, then there’s also truth to the opposite statement: “objects further down the road may be closer than they appear — especially if you’re talking about autonomous driving and electric vehicle technology.

Jaguar recently unveiled it’s newest concept vehicle. Dubbed the FUTURE TYPE, this new concept’s would-be-release date is sometime during the year 2040. While this is roughly twenty years down the road, we’re already seeing semi-autonomous vehicle technology being implemented into cars today. Plus, insofar as electric-motoring is concerned, Jaguar has that covered. In the next three years, all new Jaguars will be electrified.

FUTURE-TYPE, Appropriately, Contains Clues About the Future of Jaguar Vehicles
The new FUTURE-TYPE provides prominent clues about the new technology Jaguar intends to incorporate into future vehicles. Dubbed “ACES”, each letter stands for some important component. A is for Autonomous, because Jaguar wants to build fully autonomous vehicles. C is for connected, because Jaguar envisions all future cars integrating technology into how they function. E is for electric, as Jaguar intends all future vehicles to be electric vehicles. Lastly, S is for shared mobility; Jaguar believes in the future, some drivers will own their vehicles, but many will use ride-sharing instead.

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