How to Easily Test Your Car’s Battery Today

March 13th, 2018 by

How to Easily Test Your Car's Battery Today

When the battery in your car has been giving you trouble, testing it could make the difference in you getting stranded or a new battery in a timely manner.

  • Once the car ignition and the lights are off, open the hood and locate the battery.
  • If the terminals on the battery appear to have any corrosion, now is the time to clear it away with a wire brush.
  • Take your voltmeter, attach the positive cable, typically the red one, to the battery positive terminal. Once connected, take the voltmeter negative cable, the black one, and place that on to the negative battery terminal.
  • If the meter shows a reading over 12.4, the battery is in great shape. If the meter shows a reading under 12.2, it is time to get the battery checked by the experts at the service center.

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