Jaguar car backing into a perpendicular parking space between two other cars

How Jaguar Park Assist Works

What is Park Assist, and how does it work? Jaguar Park Assist technology, available on all new Jaguar models, is designed to aid in maneuvering in and out of parallel parking spaces, making getting around the city that much easier and safer. Find out how Jaguar Park Assist works and more with Jaguar Palm Beach today!

Using Jaguar Park Assist

The Jaguar Park Assist feature only controls the vehicle’s steering system during a parallel parking maneuver–the driver must control the brake and gas pedals. Things to note before beginning:

  • The feature has two modes: Parallel Parking (to reverse into a parking space) and Parking Exit.
  • All doors (including the trunk) must be closed in order for Park Assist to work.
  • All Park Assist instructions are displayed on the Jaguar instrument panel.

How to Parallel Park with Jaguar Park Assist:

  1. Touch to select Parallel Parking mode.
  2. At less than 18 mph, drive forward with 0.5-1.5 meters between the passenger’s side of your vehicle and the row of parked vehicles you want to park in.
  3. The Park Assist sensor with auto-search will activate and assess potential parking spaces. Tip: To have the system search for a space on the driver’s side, engage the left turn signal.
  4. When a suitable space is found, a tone will sound and a confirmation message will appear on the instrument panel.
  5. Follow further instructions on the instrument panel, and let Jaguar Park Assist take over steering.

How to Exit a Space with Jaguar Park Assist:

  1. Turn the vehicle on, and engage your turn signal to indicate the intention to exit the space.
  2. Select Parking Exit on the display.
  3. Follow further instructions on the instrument panel, and let Jaguar Park Assist take over steering.
  4. The Parking Exit mode will only operate correctly if there are vehicles/objects either parked in front of the vehicle or in front of and behind the vehicle.

Additional Jaguar Park Assist Tips

Before attempting to use your Jaguar Park Assist feature on Stuart or Jupiter streets, be sure to familiarize yourself with all your vehicle’s parking safety warnings. Below are some key tips to keep in mind:

  • To cancel an active Park Assist maneuver, hold or turn the steering wheel, or press the Park Assist icon.
  • Park Assist may determine that vehicles are too close, but the driver can manually override Park Assist.
  • The vehicle cannot exceed 4 mph during a Park Assist maneuver; otherwise, the feature will deactivate.
  • Keep your Park Assist Sensors clear of debris, snow, and insects, as well as obstructions like bumper stickers, bike racks, and bumper covers.
  • If an issue is detected, a continuous tone sounds and the instrument panel displays a warning message. If all of the sensors are clean and the fault is not rectified after an ignition cycle, contact a Jaguar authorized service center.

Jaguar Park Assist vs. Parking Aids

It’s also important to note that Jaguar Park Assist is different than the Jaguar Front & Rear Parking Aids:

  • The Parking Aid simply provides visual information about the vehicle’s projected path and distance from other objects, while Park Assist actually maneuvers the vehicle in and out of a parking space.
  • The Parking Aid feature is standard on all models. While it is active the entire time Park Assist is in use, you don’t need Park Assist in order to enjoy the standard Parking Aid feature.

Explore Jaguar Cars with Park Assist in West Palm Beach

The innovative Jaguar Parking Assist technology is standard on the Jaguar I-PACE, and it is available for an upgrade on all other new Jaguar models: Jaguar F-PACE, E-PACE, F-TYPE, XE, XF, and XJ. Contact Jaguar Palm Beach to schedule a test drive and see this feature in action before taking innovation home to Delray Beach. You can also explore features like Blind Spot Assist and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ while you’re here!

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