What Does the Jaguar Warning Light On My Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard Warning Lights


There are a number of Jaguar dashboard warning lights that could pop up on your dashboard while driving on Boca Raton streets. It’s important that you know all of the Jaguar dashboard warning symbols, so you can respond to them effectively and keep yourself safe on the roads of West Palm Beach. Learn more about your common Jaguar warning symbols and meanings with Jaguar Palm Beach! Then, if you need assistance, explore our service specials and contact the service center at Jaguar Palm Beach to schedule a diagnostic. 

Red Jaguar Dashboard Warning Symbols & Meanings Explained

So, what does that light on your Jaguar dashboard mean? If a Jaguar dashboard warning light has started flashing during your Delray Beach commute, the important thing to note is that red lights indicate issues that need to be investigated immediately. Amber and/or yellow lights indicate that you have an issue that should be investigated as soon as you get a chance. Green and blue lights simply indicate different statuses for vehicle systems. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the meanings of the most common red warning symbols below: 

  • Battery Warning – This red light that looks like a car battery could indicate that your charge is low or there are other battery issues. It will briefly flash whenever you ignite your engine, but if it stays on, you should have your battery inspected and replaced ASAP
  • Brake Warning – This one features an exclamation mark surrounded by a circle and parentheses. It indicates that you could have low brake fluid or that your brake system is at risk of failure. If it turns on, get off the road and give us a call. 
  • Critical Warning Message – This will pop up anytime there’s an issue that’s so dire that you should immediately park your car. 
  • Charging Error Warning – This looks like a plug and will pop up if there are issues when charging the battery of your vehicle. 
  • Engine Heat Warning – This symbol is hard to describe, but it features lines that look similar to heat waves. When this comes on, your engine is at risk of overheating, which could result in catastrophic engine failure. 
  • Low Oil Pressure Warning – This symbol looks like a tea kettle. It indicates that you’re running low on oil, which could result in your engine overheating. 
  • Exhaust Filter Warning – This symbol is supposed to look like a filter, but it looks more like a cheese grater. It indicates that you need to change out your engine air filter. 
  • Hybrid System Battery Fault – This also looks like a car battery and will flash if your high voltage hybrid system is unable to shut down. 
  • Lane Departure Warning – This looks like the markers of a lane on a highway and will flash when you drift from your lane without signaling. 
  • Seatbelt Warning – This symbol simply looks like someone sitting in a car seat with their seat belt on. It will light up if you’re driving and someone doesn’t have their seat belt on. 

Other Common Jaguar Dashboard Warning Lights 

Now that you’re familiar with the most important warning lights, if you’re curious about what amber, yellow, blue, or green lights can mean, be sure to check out your Jaguar owner’s manual for a full breakdown of the Jaguar dashboard warning symbols and their meanings. 

To touch briefly on important amber and yellow lights, it’s important that you look out for your “Check Engine” light, which looks just like an engine. This can indicate any number of issues related to your engine block, both serious or minor. When it comes on, you don’t have to pull over and have your car towed, but we recommend you drive over to our garage as soon as you get a chance. 

You should also look out for your “Tire Pressure” light, which looks like a flat tire with a giant exclamation mark over it. This indicates that your tires are either over- or under-inflated. Again, no need to pull over, but we recommend you drive to your nearest gas station with an air pump and check your tire pressure.

Have Questions About Jaguar Dashboard Warning Symbols? 

If one of the Jaguar dashboard warning lights has popped up on your Wellington commute, and you’re still wondering, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” don’t hesitate to reach out to Jaguar Palm Beach or help. We can identify the issue your vehicle is having and fix it for you pronto. Just give us a call at (561) 556-5378! While you’re here, take a moment to explore our service tips and tricks for more informative reads about how often to change your oil and more!


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