Whatever Happened to the Electric Jaguar XJ?

March 21st, 2022 by
2021 Jaguar XF sun roof


Jaguar Land Rover has a strategy called “Reimagine,” in which all Jaguar models will be fully electric by 2025, an EV version of every Land Rover model will be offered to Delray Beach drivers by 2030, and all Land Rover models will be electric by 2035. The electric Jaguar XJ was going to be a flagship Jaguar electric car and would have been the second Jaguar electric vehicle in the current lineup, next to the Jaguar I-PACE SUV. So, why did Jaguar scrap the electric XJ? Read on to learn more with Jaguar Palm Beach. Then, contact us to test drive an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE in West Palm Beach at Jaguar Palm Beach. 

Why Was the Electric XJ Cancelled? 

The Jaguar plant in Castle Bromwich, England, was going to be overhauled in an attempt to steer focus away from the XE, XF, and F-TYPE, and towards the production of Jaguar electric vehicles like the electric Jaguar XJ. With this new Jaguar electric car, Jaguar was going to roll out its new electric platform, Modular Longitudinal Architecture, and being mass-producing the XJ from a factory perfectly tailored to efficient EV construction. So what happened? 

What is the Global Chip Shortage? 

Unfortunately, the pandemic increased demand for personal electronics like laptops and gaming consoles. These products require semiconductor chips, which transport signals throughout electronic systems. Cars require thousands of semiconductor chips, especially now that they come outfitted with infotainment systems and intelligent safety technologies. Semiconductor chips are especially important for EVs.

Needless to say, there has been a massive shortage in chips, which has slowed auto production to a halt. The XJ was pulled because there’s no way that Jaguar could produce enough models to justify the cost. See the discontinuation of the electric XJ as a way of Jaguar ensuring it has the financial health to quickly adapt its lineup to an all-electric future

How Will Jaguar Plan for an Electric Future? 

Though Jaguar has scrapped its Jaguar electric car, the electric Jaguar XJ, it has only done so in order to pave the way for Jaguar electric vehicles to come. While it’s possible the electric Jaguar XJ could see the streets of Wellington one day, rumor has it that the next wave of all-electric Jaguar models will be crossovers. Despite the setbacks of the pandemic, Jaguar remains committed to a fully electric lineup by 2025

Test Drive the Jaguar I-PACE in West Palm Beach

Now that you’ve read about our update on the Jaguar brand’s transition to an electric lineup, test drive a currently available Jaguar electric vehicle, the I-PACE. Just call Jaguar Palm Beach at (866) 296-7709, and we can give you a tour of the different configurations, demo highlight features, and help you navigate your options. In the meantime, be sure to explore our Jaguar research guides for more helpful reads, like our Jaguar I-PACE charging guide


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